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CPR Ranch
Home of Hooves 'n Irons Mounted Shooters

Map & Directions


23510  Dersch Rd

Anderson, CA 96007

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Look for the mounted shooting signs and yellow Hooves 'n Irons flag.  The entrance is across from Franciscan Way (dirt road).  It is a double gate with cement block stands. Turn north and proceed to top of hill.  Turn right at the two horse statues.

Arena Rules

1.   Children 17 and under must be under the supervision of an adult.

2.   All persons age 17 and under  must wear a helmet during an event. (Unless signed waiver, O.K. by parent or legal guardian).

3.  All riders must wear boots.

4.   Horses must be tied to their trailer when not engaged in an event or in the immediate control of their owner.  No tying horses to fences or arena panels.

5.   Any horse that is known to kick or be aggressive must have a red ribbon tied to tail.  Any horse that shows unreasonably aggressive or dangerous behavior may be asked to leave the premises immediately.

6.   Each rider is responsible for cleaning up after his/her horse(s).

7.  Please no smoking.

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