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WELCOME, you have just found the newest club in California, the only one north of Stockton that is dedicated to the ideals that this great sport promotes, ideals such as the Spirit of the West and the Cowboy Code.  The west was a dangerous, mysterious and yet romantic time of our American culture, and continues to capture the imagination of all. This club will strive to build this great sport, by providing an opportunity for individuals and their families to learn, practice and participate in Cowboy Mounted Shooting events. 

Imagine a cowboy or cowgirl atop a 1,200 pound horse, six guns a blazing while racing through a patterned course of fire, and you may get the mental image of a cowboy or cowgirl fighting off bank robbers or fleeing from renegade Indians, you might even see in your minds eye a Pony Express Rider racing to deliver the mail warding off would be robbers. You might see the cowboys of the range fighting off snakes, coyotes, wolves or bears to save the cow herd as they are moving across the great divide. All of these visions are part of the excitement you can feel when participating in this sport, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, which is one of the nation's fastest growing equestrian sports. 

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a fantastic family fun sport and serves to keep the Old West alive. There are Classes for Men, Ladies, Juniors and Wranglers. Each competitor enters the sport at the Level 1 and moves on up through the Levels 1-6 as experience, competence and skill are achieved. 

Mounted shooting is a sport that combines elements of old-time Wild West Show exhibition, along with the elements of barrel racing, pole bending, reining, and many other equestrian skills; all done while using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, loaded with 5 rounds each of black powder blanks to shoot ten balloon targets set in a special random pattern called a 'stage'. Typically, a competitor crosses the timing beam at a full gallop and engages the first pattern of five targets. After a shooter fires the fifth shot, he or she returns the empty revolver to a holster and proceeds to the next set of five targets. Mounted shooters are timed through the stage determining raw time plus any penalties incurred; such as a missed target, knocked over barrel or a dropped gun. The contestant with the fastest accumulated time wins.

This club will continue to take a proactive approach towards safety of all members, participants and spectators. An integral part of all practices, clinics and events will be safe handling of horses and firearms. As with any equine and/or firearm related activities this sport contains hazards and potential risks. Therefore in order to become a member of Hooves n’ Irons and to participant in practices/clinic/events you will be required to sign Liability Release Forms. 

There are many personal preferences and requirements that you should consider that relate to this sport. Some of these topics are safety, clothing, guns, holsters, horse breed, children and costs just to name some. We encourage you to visit this Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) page of FAQ’s.

You can also view the many links we have prepared on our link page. Utilize our contact page to find out more about Hooves ‘n Irons or to address other questions which haven’t been answered.

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